The carpet cleaning procedure explained

Carpet is an important part of many houses. They help make your home attractive and friendly. In addition, they offer a cheap alternative to the cover. Sometimes these carpets are painted and even contaminated, which requires their cleaning. Preserving the purity of carpets is a difficult task that many people do not like to handle. This requires regular shampoo, while in other cases it needs to be evacuated. To make sure that the carpet remains in good condition, the following is The carpet cleaning procedure explained steps

Step 1 – Pre-inspection

This is the initial process of conducting a detailed inspection of the carpet to detect certain areas that require additional attention. This requires determining the different types of spots on your carpet and preventing stains and their specific concentration. This will indicate the special equipment and solutions that will be used to maintain the cleaning.

Step 2 – Commercial pre-vacuum

Here, all forms of hard materials and dry soils are removed from the carpet using a vacuum cleaner with an electric drive. This is a very fundamental procedure, which marks the first step in the carpet cleaning process.

Step 3 – Pre-spray

After the initial inspection and before the vacuum, a special cleaning formula is applied to the carpet to destroy any impurities, oils and sticky substances that can attract dust and harmful bacteria. This process of cleaning carpets weakens all dirt, so it can be easily rinsed. This is achieved with a special machine for cleaning carpets.

Step 4 – deodorizing product

After the initial spraying, a deodorant is applied to the carpet to remove any unpleasant odours from animal hair or dirt, leaving a clean carpet.

Step 5 – Furniture moving

This process is crucial, as it involves the movement of all items, such as tables, chairs, and sofas, which can prevent effective cleaning of the floor. Protective chips are placed under the furniture to dry, and also make sure that the preliminary spraying is deeply buried on your carpet.

Step 6 – Hot water extraction and rinse

With the help of a special machine for carpet cleaning, all loose soils and dirt are removed and washed off by the steam process, leaving the carpet without any contaminants. This machine provides intensive rinsing with a vacuum cleaner.

Step 7 – Post spot treatment

This process ensures that all places that become illegible now have special attention and are eventually deleted. However, solid spots cannot be removed or may require separate procedures, such as scrambling.

Step 8 – Speed Drying

Here, the carpet is located in one direction, and high-speed air movements are added to it to speed up drying. A neutralizer can be added to balance the pH, which can be achieved by applying a pH corrector after spraying. After washing with champagne, drying takes place. These professional carpet cleaners use dry carpets, special tools, and tools. These tools also absorb all the moisture from the carpet fibres. If there is no moisture on the carpet, this means no odour.

Step 9 – Applying for carpet protection

Then put the tread on the carpet to keep it clean for a long time. Regular cleaning ensures that they are not damaged or contaminated.

Step 10 – Post inspection
This is the final carpet cleaning procedure your carpet will be checked for the highest quality.

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