5 Reasons You Should Clean Your Carpet

Most people, act quite a house proud and particular about cleanliness when quizzed on home sanitation. However, researchers have shown, the reality is completely far from their claims. Nearly a third, won’t wash their hand after going to the toilet, even sleep in dirty sheets for weeks. But perhaps more worrying, many of us bring from outdoors, in our shoes an assortment of harmful bugs and deposit them right on the carpet.

Not only the dirt but coffee and food spills add to the already existing grit and grime present on our carpets, on daily basis. The pets to contribute by leaving smelly organic waste and litter. The carpet is an ideal jungle heaven with plenty of hiding spots.

This is where the “micro-nasties” lurk around waiting, bacteria, viruses and fungus along with dust mites and allergens. In a closed space, such a carpet if not properly cleaned on a timely basis, contaminates the air as well, giving off damp intolerable smells. Particularly, vulnerable are toddlers, as they come in direct contact with harmful bacteria, dirt and dust while playing or crawling on the carpet. So for better health of your family and cleanliness in the house, carpets must be thoroughly cleaned out on regular basis.

  1. Starting with Dust, clean it out to improve the very colour and texture quality of the carpet. When there is no dust, the fibre reflects light much better and with much better vibrancy. Vacuuming dust in a regular basis keeps it from clinging to the carpet.
  2. Clean out the bacteria, dust mites, along with viruses and fungus. Carpet hordes armies of these harmful microbes if left unclean. Use an approved disinfectant to clean the carpet of these.
  3. Get rid of the sticky organic litter, like sweat, urine, pet waste, vomit etc. to improve the odour. The carpet smells bad if these cling to it. The smell would, in fact, get worse as the temperature rises.
  4. Then there’s the dirt that gets really stuck on the fibres. This happens when loose dirt comes in contact with humidity, it attaches to the fibres and with constant trampling, hardens. This acts like sandpaper, damaging the carpet.
  5. A dirty-ugly carpet does not in any way add to the décor of your house. It is not something to be proud of. It is certainly not such an insurmountable challenge that can’t be tackled using present-day vacuum based cleaning technology. And there is a multitude of cleaning companies who can do it for you, at your convenience, such as the Fresher Carpets in the Leicester Area.

Its recommended contracting a team of professional carpet cleaners to do the cleaning. It is for the simple reason, that they won’t do it damaging the carpet. Simply, because they have the right knowledge, expertise, equipment and chemicals to do the cleaning. It is easier to maintain the carpet hygiene much easily afterwards their heavy duty cleaning.

Carpet cleaning on regular basis will enhance its life and re-establish its sheen. Not only that would also save your family from a multitude of diseases that otherwise afflict quite so many due to not ignorance but a careless attitude towards cleanliness. So be certain to clean your carpets twice a year to keep away the germs.

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